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Alexandra M

Basic Information:

Alexandra is a 24 years old girl from Romania. She lives in a big house with her parents in a village called Izvoare from the county of Neamt in north eastern Romania.

She graduated from University two years ago and she specialised in Economics, Commerce, Tourism & Services. She’s going to finish her MBA in Tourism this summer. Last summer she worked as a waitress in a hotel restaurant from Italy.

She would like to become an Au pair because she loves children very much and enjoys spending time with them.

Alexandra enjoys spending time in the nature. She likes walking in the park, mountain biking, playing tennis and playing the keyboard. She also enjoys gardening. She is very proud of her rose garden.

She will be available for placement from mid of July and she is willing to stay in UK for at least one year.

She is a non-smoker.

Childcare Experience:

Alexandra took care of her cousin’s children a boy called Cezar (6) and a girl called Gabriela (2) during the weekends while their parents were at work. She cared for Cezar even from when he was only 2 months old. She used to change his nappies, feed him, play with him, etc. When he got older she started to take him out in the park for long walks. She also took care for a short while of some other cousin’s children (3 and 5 years) supervising them while their parents left in a business trip.

English Skills:

Her English is intermediate. She also speaks medium Italian and basic French and Spanish


Alexandra is prepared to care for children or older children, to do laundry, ironing, light housework, cooking for the whole family, shopping for groceries, gardening and driving.


Alexandra described herself as a kind and hard working person. She thinks that her friends will describe her as a helpful girl that always takes care of them. She is also sociable, friendly and easy going.


Alexandra likes almost all types of food. She prefers salads and sweets though. She enjoys cooking and is able to prepare easy meals and traditional Romanian dishes.


Ramona has her own car (a Hyunday i30) and she drives it almost every day.


Alexandra’s mother is retired. She used to work in a chemicals laboratory . Her father worked as a lathe operator, but he is currently unemployed. They are both now working in their 2 vegetables gardens and also taking care of the animals (cows, pigs, chicken). Sometimes they are selling in the local market the vegetables they produce. Alexandra has a younger sister (22) who is studying Psychology at the University from Bucharest. They have a very close relationship.

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