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Basic Information:

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Alina is a 28 year-old Romanian girl from Oradea. In 2005 she graduated from the Faculty of Economics. She used to work as an accountant for 3 years but didn't really like what she was doing. She is currently unemployed. She went to Italy for 3 months and looked after an elderly person who is 87 years old.

She wants to be an au pair because she wants to try a new experience. She likes children and thinks that working with children is more suitable for her. She has a sister who is working in Spain in a kindergarten and that's why she would like to try this experience. She wants to know how British society works and to try to find her own place here.

Alina is very sporty: she likes jogging, cycling, swimming and playing tennis. She also likes driving and Romanian novels.

She smokes occasionally, but will not to smoke in the house or in front of the children.

Childcare Experience:

She loves children; she helped her mother caring for her sisters. She was in charge of her younger sisters during her mum was working. Alina has some experience with children. She was on vacation with some family friends for 2 weeks in the mountains. The other family had a 4 year old boy. She spent almost every day looking after the boy. She played with him near the house because the parents didn't allow him to go out in the forest. One of their favorite ways to have fun was listening to music and dancing. She liked to read him bedtime stories because she could invent different endings to the story and make them funnier. Even now she takes him out in the park to play and spend some time with him. She said that in the beginning - until she will get to know you better and to know how you want things to work - would like the family to give her a schedule with all her duties. This way she will be sure that she will fulfill all her tasks. She likes a family atmosphere and that's why she would like to feel part of the family.

Other Languages:

Her Mother tongue is Romanian. She also speaks Italian. Her English is quite good but she expects to improve it.


Alina is prepared to undertake light housework (tidying/ vacuuming/ dusting), shopping (Food, Groceries), care for children, washing, cooking for children and driving.


Adina describes herself as sociable and not selfish, she likes to give all that she can to others. She thinks she is an honest girl, she likes to get involved in everything that living with a family would mean and she thinks she puts a lot of feeling into everything she is doing.

Eating - likes and dislikes:

For breakfast she likes to eat cereal & milk or a sandwich and during the rest of the day she likes to eat vegetables or fruit. She usually eats 4 or 5 times a day because she eats small meals. She eats meat only once a week (chicken) because she doesn’t like meat very much. She prefers freshly cooked food and doesn't like to eat fast food.


Alina got her license in 2005. She drives every weekend (usually her friend's cars).


Alina is still living with her mother and her younger sister who is 22 years old. She has another one 26 years old and lives alone. Her parents are separated: her mother is a Maths teacher and her father is now retired.

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