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Basic Information:

Anca is a 20 year-old Romanian girl from the city of Arad in Western Romania. She finished High School but is currently not working.

Anca is currently unemployed. She is able to come to the UK as soon as possible, and if it is OK she will stay for 3 - 4 years.

Anca likes sports especially playing football, roller blading, running, volley ball & tennis. She is a non-swimmer. She also enjoys listening to music, computer/email/web, drawing, watching TV and walking. She is looking forward to visiting different sites and attractions in England

She is a non-smoker.

Childcare Experience:

Anca worked in a kindergarten for two years over the weekends looking after children aged between 3 and 8 years old. She would work from 2pm until 7pm and would give the children something to eat, play with them and sometimes put the little ones down for a sleep. She really loves spending time with children - it's an enjoyable thing for her. She also has experience with her neighbor's children and looking after her nephew who is 12. She was also working as a waitress for 5 years from the age of 14 as a part time job when she was at school.

English Skills:

She studied English for 7 years. Her English is fair/good and we were able to have a reasonably flowing conversation. She occasionally struggles to find the right word for certain things.


Anca is prepared to undertake light housework (tidying/vacuuming/dusting), shopping (Food, Groceries), cooking for children, gardening, handiwork, caring for pets and cooking for the family. She prefers not to do ironing or driving. She is happy with babies and younger children but doesn’t want to look after older children.


Anca consider that she is friendly, funny but serious when she needs to, responsible, active, co-operative and honest. She thinks she will be able to accommodate the challenges of moving to a new family. If there are problems she will talk to them.


Anca has not passed her driving test.


lives with her Mother & father in an apartment in Arad. They also have a house in the country at the weekend. Her brother is 19 years old.

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