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Basic Information:

Anca is a 25 year-old Romanian girl from the city of Oradea in Romania. She graduated university in 2007 studying Sociology. She is interested in studying for a Masters degree while in the UK by distance learning with the Open University. She currently works as a Customer relationships manager in insurance sales.

She wants to come to the UK for a long term period. She prefers a family in the London area. She would consider other places though.

Anca loves scouting and is a leader for 'Explorers' who are high school children aged 14 to 18 years old. She attends meetings each week and also goes on camp with the kids. She loves to travel and made some great friends in many places. She is also involved with another voluntary organisation that promotes fashion design. She also likes dancing (tango, latino), reading books and as well as regular disco) and cycling.

She is a non-smoker.

Childcare Experience:

When Anca was attending university she used to help her auntie two days each week by looking after her niece. This was over the 3 year period from when she wasf 4 until she was 6 years old. She used to take her out to the park but most of the time she was just inside with her playing. She would also prepare simple meals and in those days she wasn't much of a cook but recently she had been practicing a new range of styles. She has travelled to the UK before. She worked in Dover on a scout camp. She was also head of the Romanian scout contingent for the world scout jamboree. She has been involved in scouting for 9 years in Romania and would love to take any children of her host family along to scouts, cubs or beavers.

English Skills:

Her English is excellent and she speaks intelligently about different subjects. She is also fluent in Spanish and intermediate in French and Italian. When working in the USA on Work & Travel program a few years ago, she was promoted from housekeeping to hotel reception because of her language abilities.


Anca is prepared to care for children, older children, light housework, laundry, shopping (Food, Groceries),ironing, cooking for children, gardening, driving and caring for pets.


Anca's friends say she is dynamic, energetic, usually smiling and in a good mood. She enjoys being with children of all ages and loves to play games, enjoys crafts and computer games, likes challenges and intellectual activities. If there was one thing she would want to change is that she is a little shy at first.


Anca passed her driving test. As further endorsement of Anca's driving, she drove me 15 km to an out of town tourist attraction, and then back through the city to show me various tourist spots.


Anca lives in a flat in the city with her Mother who teaches fashion design at university, and her Father who works as an independent assessor of vehicle accidents. She has a 20 year old brother who is studying architecture at university.


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