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Basic Information:

George is a 25 year-old Romanian boy from Bucuresti in Romania. He has graduated in 2007, majoring in Sociology and Philosophy. He currently works for a French company, IPSOS, as a statistician (sampling executive) working for clients like KPMG or Coca Cola.

He doesn't enjoy this type of work as he doesn't meet new people and each campaign is similar. He has a good wage but wants to make a change and sees coming to the UK as a great opportunity to make a new start.

George likes creative things. Photography and film making, writing stories and reading. He likes swimming, to play football and tennis. He also enjoys listening to music and playing computer games. He also plays board games like monopoly & scrabble with his friends.

He is a non-smoker.

Childcare Experience:

Although George is an only child he comes from a very large family and has about 40 cousins. Before and during his university studies, at weekends and the school holidays he was always being asked to look after his younger cousins as he was the oldest. Sometimes he was taking them to school in the week but it was usually at weekends and holidays where he was given responsibility, and he used to take them with him to play football or to look after them all day.

English Skills:

He is friendly and engaging and talks enthusiastically about subjects with fluent English.


George is prepared to undertake light housework (tidying/vacuuming/dusting), shopping (Food, Groceries), cooking for children, gardening, handiwork and caring for pets. He has been living by himself for 7 years and is used to cleaning his own apartment and cooking. He usually doesn't iron any clothes as he wears T shirts so is not sure about this but thinks he'd be able to pick this up if required.


George consider that he is hard working, talkative, funny, independent and uses his initiative well. George is very creative; in his spare time he enjoys photography and was making short films. He also likes writing stories. His friends at work say his worst quality is that he is often making jokes.


George has passed his driving test but living in Bucuresti he only drives a few times a year.


His Mother runs her own small company and has her own store and his Father used to be an electrician and ran his own companies but is now retired.


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