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Basic Information:

Diana is 43 year-old and comes from Bucharest, Romania. Currently she lives in London and studies International Liaison & Communication at the University of Westminster.

She has a degree in architecture (she graduated in 1992), but has never worked in this domain. Her big passion is journalism and because during the communist period there were no journalism schools, she had to learn more things about this area by herself. In 1993 and 1994 she had the opportunity to participate in some radio and television training organised by the BBC World.

She used to work for different radio stations and TV networks in Romania. She also wrote articles for some important Romanian newspapers. Most of the projects she was involved in were related to cultural and economics issues.

She is available for placement as soon as possible.

She likes listening to music, watching movies and swimming. She is passionate about foreign languages (she studies French and Russian) and music (some years ago she used to study piano).

She doesn’t smoke.

Childcare Experience:

Diana has a 2 1/2 year-old niece called Ana. When she was born, Diana started helping her sister take care of her whenever she could to help her sister. She used to change her nappies, feed her, dress her up, play with her, and helped bathing her. She always offered to stay with Ana when her sister needed to go out in the city to go out for groceries or to run other errands. Diana is very proud that her niece took her first step under her supervision and she kept pictures of that specific moment. Even though she now lives in the UK she still tries to visit her niece when she can.

English Skills:

She speaks fluent English and she also has basic French and Russian.


Diana is prepared to care for children, disabled children or the elderly, to do laundry, ironing, light housework, shopping for groceries, handiwork and caring for pets.


Diana is a very friendly and sociable person. She described herself as reliable, honest, ambitious, perseverant and positive.


Diana prefers healthy food. She is not very demanding though and feels she can adapt to any type of cuisine. When she is cooking she likes to improvise a lot.


Diana used to drive daily when she was living in Romania, but she has never driven since coming to the UK one year ago.


Diana has a younger sister (41) who works as a HR specialist. She lives in Bucharest with her life partner and their daughter Ana (2). Diana’s mother passed away six years ago. She used to work as a technical designer in the construction field. Her father is still working and he is a civil construction engineer.

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