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Basic Information:

Flavia Alexandra is a 21 year-old Romanian girl from Oradea. She is a student at the Faculty of Environmental Protection in the third year. She said that although she is still a student, this won't affect her job as an au pair because she doesn't have to participate daily to the classes. The will have to go home to take her exams twice in the year (this will be for 2 or 3 weeks in February and June).

She wants to be an au pair because she visited London this spring. The Faculty where she is studying organised the trip and it was like a cultural exchange. She was really impressed by what she saw, the places she visited and would like to have the chance to visit again. Other reasons that she gave me for wanting to work as an au pair were the fact she loves children and that she wants to improve her English skills.

Flavia Alexandra likes dancing (she learnt different types of dance: tango, latino, hip-hop, etc.), painting and playing tennis.

She is a non smoker.

Childcare Experience:

Flavia Alexandra has some experience with children. She often takes care of her niece. She is doing this every day for about 3 or 4 hours. She stared to take care of her since her niece was a baby because her cousin had some problems after giving birth. Flavia was helped at the beginning by her Mum, but she had to go back to work so was often left alone with the baby. Her niece is now 3 years old and she is still taking care of her weekly. Even though she was initially afraid to look after her because she was so little, she managed to get over this feeling and to do everything that a mother would do for her child. She is also occasionally babysitting for a friend. This is not happening very often (a few times a year) - usually when her friend needs to go out of the city because of her job. She takes care of a 4 year-old girl and a 7 year-old boy. She usually helps them with their homework, watches cartoons with them and cooks for them when her friend is coming home late. She said she would like to cook for the family and the children because she enjoys cooking.

English Skills:

Her English was fair/ good but I think that she was emotive and that she won't have any problems understanding what the family tells her.


Flavia Alexandra is prepared to undertake light housework (tidying/ vacuuming/ dusting), shopping (Food, Groceries), care for children, washing, ironing, caring for pets, cooking for children and for the family.


Flavia Alexandra considers that she is dynamic, active and helpful. The only thing she wanted to mention is that she is shy and emotive at the beginning, but as soon as she gets to know the family, she is friendly and warm hearted.

Eating - likes and dislikes:

She doesn't have any special requirements. She likes to eat everything, and she usually eats twice a day. She likes to eat alone.


Flavia Alexandra hasn't passed a driving test.


She lives with her Mother and Father. Her Mother is 46 years old and works as a shop assistant. Her Father is 50 and is a mechanic.

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