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Basic Information:

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Florina is a 22 year-old Romanian girl from Oradea. She finished the Faculty of European Studies in Oradea, but she hasn't taken her diploma yet because she has some exams to do. She is a student at the Faculty of Pharmacy in the fourth year. She will freeze the year so that she can come back after one year or to try to continue it later in the UK. She is working for an insurance company, but she doesn't enjoy what she is doing and wants to change her job.

She sees working as an au pair as a great opportunity to get to know as many things as possible about other cultures. She wants to know how British families live, how they bring up their children and to make as many friends as possible. She loves children and feels really hurt when she sees that a child suffer.

Florina likes dancing, walking, reading (only bedtime stories) and watching movies.

She smokes occasionally, but would not smoke in the house or in front of the children.

Childcare Experience:

Florina has experienced working away from home so she says that she won't have problems adjusting to it. She worked for 3 months in the USA and enjoyed the experience very much. She is currently taking care of her niece every day as she lives with her. She has been helping to take care of her from when she was a baby and the girl is now 3 years old. She appreciates she was able to learn with her niece of how to raise a baby: She was giving her baths, preparing her milk, etc. She also took care of her neighbour's boy. This experience was harder for her because the boy was quite naughty and spoilt. She managed to exert a positive influence on his behaviour and his Mum was very satisfied and happy. Florina was also involved in a project with some friends - they went to different orphanages to donate items and play with them. She started to do this when she was in high school and is still doing this twice a year.

English Skills:

Her English was very good and we had an interesting conversation . She is a friendly and talkative girl.


Florina is prepared to undertake light housework (tidying/ vacuuming/ dusting), shopping (Food, Groceries), care for children, washing and cooking for children.


Florina considers that she is sociable, funny (she likes to make jokes), warm hearted and talkative.


Florina has not passed her driving test.


She lives with her Mother and her Father. Her Mother is 55 and her Father is 62. They are both retired.

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