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Basic Information:

Iulia is a 30 year-old Romanian girl from Timisoara. She graduated from the Faculty of Geography & Tourism last year in 2008. She graduated as a mature student because she took a break in the middle of her university programme and was working for a few years before she returned to university in 2007 to complete the final year of her degree. She is currently unemployed.

She wants to be an au pair because she likes working with children. She also wants to study part-time for a Masters degree in the UK beginning in 2010. She will study on a part time basis over a 2 year period. When she is placed, her priority will be to the family and the children and she will not begin her course until her routine is settled and she understands what is expected of her.

Iulia tries to follow a vegetarian diet and so eats meat rarely. She would like the family to know this and accept the fact she doesn't want to eat meat.

She smokes occasionally, but has committed that she would not smoke in the house or in front of the children.

Childcare Experience:

Iulia has experience working away from home and feels she won't have problem adapting to life in a new country and family. In 2000 she worked for 3 months in the USA in a summer camp for girls. Her main role in the camp was cooking for the children and to serve them food and she was also on hand at other times to support them in different things. In the last 2 weeks of the summer camp, the team were helping to take care of children with a range of disabilities.
Just before she started her final year at university she went to work in a different city in Romania. She moved with a family that she knew and were her friends. She lived with this family for quite a long time while she was working. In the last year with this family, they had a baby girl and they needed Iulia's help as an au pair at certain times of the day to support them. She often spent all day with the girl, helping the mother and was also given sole charge when both her parents were away. She learnt how to change her nappies, to feed her and what to do when she was crying. She did this for another 6 months until the family eventually moved to a different city. She enjoyed the experience and it's why she believes she would be a very good au pair. It was when the family moved on that she decided herself to move back and complete her university.

English Skills:

Her English is very good so she won't have problems expressing herself or understanding the children.


Iulia is prepared to undertake light housework (tidying/ vacuuming/ dusting), shopping (Food, Groceries), care for children, care for older or disabled children, washing, ironing and driving.


Iulia considers that she is sociable, friendly, outgoing, responsible and sincere. She comes across as a very cheerful, chatty young woman that has a very positive approach to life.


Iulia passed her driving test in 1999 and is used to driving every day.


She currently lives with her Mother who is 55 and retired, and her Father who is 57 and works as an electrical engineer.

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