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Basic Information:

This candidate has been placed and in the UK.

Laura is a 23 year-old Romanian girl from Bucharest. She graduated last summer (2008) with a degree in languages (English & Spanish) and a pedagogic teaching degree. She has been working for most of the last year in a kindergarten as a teaching assistant.

She wants to come to the UK because she has always admired England and the people. She wants to dedicate herself to caring for children and does not want to perform mainly domestic duties.

Laura likes writing stories, watching TV, to read, to listen to music, to go dancing, to go walking in the park, computers/email and the web.

She is a non-smoker.

Childcare Experience:

Laura prefers to look after youngest children and is happy with pre-school age. She has worked in a kindergarten for the last year looking after children aged from 2 years up to 4 years old. She enjoyed teaching them new things as children are very good learners. She taught them English but also did other practical things: changed the littlest ones nappies, give them something to eat, washing their hands, helping them to eat properly etc. She left the kindergarten because she didn't agree with the numbers of children that were being accepted to be looked after by the manager. Each assistant had 20 very small children and it was very difficult.

English Skills:

Her English is very good. There wasn't any time in the conversation where we had any difficulty communicating – there were only one or two words that she needed help with.


Laura is prepared to care for babies and caring for younger children up to 10 years old.


Laura considers that she is sociable, polite, helpful, caring, independent and responsible. Her friends think she is sensitive, determined and honest. Her worst qualities are that she can be naive and she sometimes talks too much.


Laura has not passed her driving test.


Her Mother is a cook in a food laboratory and her Father works in construction. She has a 24 year old sister who is a nurse.


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