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Basic Information:

Madalina is a 27 year-old Romanian girl from Craiova, a city in the south of Romania. She graduated the Faculty of Geography and has a Masters degree in Environmental Protection.

She wants to be an au pair because she likes to travel and sees this as a good opportunity to know the British culture. She would like to be placed in a city or town.

She is available by the end of July and would like to be an au pair for one year.

Madalina likes to travel, to meet new people, to read books and all countryside activities.

She smokes occasionally. She is happy only to smoke away from the house and the children.

Childcare Experience:

When asked about her childcare experience, Madalina speaks of two children whom she took care of. She felt really close to them and still stays in contact with their parents. Two years ago she took care of her best friend's boy. He was 3 years old. She took care of him for almost one year. She began the day by waking the boy up, helping him to wash himself and feeding him. She used to spend all day long with him, trying to keep him occupied. She took him/picked him up from the kindergarten, took him to the park. She always had to invent new games to keep him interested, and knows that this experience will be very useful for her in the future. Last year she took care of a baby. The child's mother was an ex high school colleague of Madalina. She helped her when her husband was out of the country for several months. She had to spend several hours a day with the baby until his Mum came home from work. She used to feed him and change his nappies. Even though she thinks it was hard, she feels confident to take care of babies too. She has no preference regarding children's age.

English Skills:

She has been studying English for more than 10 years so we had a free flowing conversation.


Madalina is prepared to undertake light housework (tidying/ vacuuming/ dusting), shopping (Food, Groceries), washing, ironing, cooking for children and driving.


Madalina considers herself as honest, patience, sociable, neat and tidy, positive, polite and hard working person.


Madalina has held her driving licence since 2005 and is driving every day.


She lives with her Mother and Father. They are both 48 years old. Her Mum is a housewife and her Father is a mechanic.


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