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Basic Information:

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Sergiu is a 24 year-old Romanian boy from the city of Oradea in NW Romania. He graduated high school in 2006. He is currently unemployed.

He wants to come to the UK for a long term period. He wants to be an au pair because he thinks he can help families with their children and with a variety of manual jobs such as gardening, handiwork and animal care.

Sergiu enjoys playing football, watching TV and surfing the web.

He is a non smoker.

Childcare Experience:

He has some experience with children. He lives with his 10 year-old nephew. He has been living with them for 4 years. He enjoys spending time with him, helping him with his homework - he had to help him with writing because his nephew is left-handed and he found his school exercises more difficult. He also plays football with him. They usually spend their weekends in the village because his sister (his nephew's mother) is living there.

English Skills:

His English is fair/good. We were able to have a good conversation.


Sergiu is prepared to care for children, light housework, laundry, shopping (Food, Groceries), washing, ironing, cooking for children, gardening, driving and caring for pets. Sergiu also has experience taking care of animals because he spends a lot of time at his parent's home in the country, and they have a small holding with pigs, chickens, rabbits, geese and they used to have a cow so Sergiu was used to milking! He helps his father with manual work that needs to be done, cleaning out and feeding the animals etc.


Sergiu's friends consider that he is funny, sociable and hard working.


Sergiu passed his driving test in 2008 and is driving once or twice a month.


He currently lives with his grandmother and nephew in the city of Oradea. His parents are retired and they have a small holding in a nearby village. They live with two of his sisters, one of whom has an 8 year old daughter. His other sister lives in the same village, is married and has a new born baby. This sister is the mother of his 10 year old nephew. His sister moved from the city because she couldn't afford to live there, and since his nephew had already started a good school, the family decided it best for the nephew to continue his education at the same school & for Sergiu and his nephew to live with his grandmother.

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