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Basic Information:

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Teodora is 22year-old Romanian girl from Baia Mare in Romania. She graduated with a degree in Psychology last year. She is currently working in a sponge factory, but she wants the chance to work in the same area as her studies.

She is available as soon as possible and would like to be an au pair for 1 year. She has no preference for location; actually she prefers to be placed in a village because she wants to have a garden where she can play with the children.

She studied infant psychology during the University so she thinks that coming as an au pair is a good opportunity to put into practice what she learnt there. She would also like to continue her studies in this domain, so she hopes that, by coming to England, she will have the chance to make some money and pay for some classes either here or in Romania.

Teodora likes reading, watching TV, surfing the web and visiting her friends. She thinks she is an active person and likes getting involved in different activities.

She is smoking now, but wants to give up by the time she will arrive in the UK - she is aware cigarettes are expensive here, so she is trying really hard to quit before she gets here.

Childcare Experience:

Teodora has taken care of two children as a babysitter and was paid for these. She took care of a boy who was 4 years old and sometimes helped the Mother with their new born. She used to spend 6 hours a day with him - from 1 pm until 7 pm. She had to pick him up from the kindergarten and then spent some time with him, keeping him busy so that his Mum could take care of the baby. She also used to take care 1 year ago of a girl, aged 3. She worked here 4 hours a day and among her duties she had to prepare the girl's meals, to take and pick her up from the kindergarten and put her to bed in the evening.

English Skills:

Her English is fair; she understands everything you're saying only that sometimes she finds it difficult to answer. At the interview, she answered all question, but she had difficulties when she was using more complex terms. She said that she doesn't speak English that well because she doesn't have someone to practise it with, but she is sure that as soon she will strat using it daily, it will quickly improve.

Other languages:

Her Mother tongue is Romanian. She also speaks Spanish and Hungarian at a medium level.


Teodora is prepared to care for children, shopping (Food, Groceries), washing, ironing, handiwork and driving. She is afraid of big dogs, but has no problems with the small ones.


Teodora consider that she is responsible, patient and is an optimistic person. She thinks she is hard working and likes getting involved in different tasks.


Teodora eats most things, she is not picky.


Teodora passed her driving test in March 2006 and drives every day. She has her own car, a Volkwagen Golf 4.


She lives in Baia Mare with her Mum and Dad. She has a brother who is 30 years old and lives by himself (he has been to England some time ago and he told her that he enjoyed the experience and really liked people living here). Her Mum is 51 years old and works as a babysitter; her Father is 54 years old and is retired. She moved with her boyfriend recently, but they can't afford to live together anymore; he will go to work in Germany this month too.

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