Our Current Candidates

These are the current candidates who have been through the registration process. Click on theit photographs for further information.

Some candidates have video introductions on their pages. other video introductions will be made available once a family has registered with us - see our priority club information

Click here for a page showing just video introductions - note this page may be slow to load.

This page was last updated on June 2nd 2009

Adina R Photo   Alexandra A Photo   Alexandra S Photo   Alina S Photo   Anamaria M Photo   Anca G Photo   Andreea M Photo   Angelica B Photo   Costi J Photo   Daciana T Photo   Dan Am Photo   Elena B Photo   Elia C Photo   Elisabeta P Photo   Irina S Photo   Laura K Photo   Loredana O Photo   Luiza C Photo   Madalina G Photo   Mihai S Photo   Monica M Photo   Natalia P Photo   Roxana A Photo   Simona P Photo   Stela F Photo  

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Big Wigs

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