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With our new web site and lots of new candidates, we thought it may be a good time to send out a news update to you. If you are still hosting au pairs there should be some useful information here for you.

The last year has been quite challenging for us all I'm sure. We've used the opportunity to refresh a few things about our service - notably our new web site and how we present candidates. We've also introduced our own social network and a VIP priority club for families. There's more information on these and other changes that have been taking place below.

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June 2009

New Candidates with videos

1st Choice Web SiteTo the left are just some of the many candidates we have available at the moment. Most of them are looking for long term placements of 1 year or more. You can see further information by clicking on their photograph. Their video introductions can also be found on our web site. Click to see all our candidates

Our New Web Site welcomes our VIPs!!

1st Choice Web SiteWe are happy to have finally released our new web site!! You may remember our old, web pages we had before.
Our new web site has far more detailed information about each candidate. Some of our au pairs have their video introcuctions on-line, but families who join our free priority club will see videos of our other candidates. more information

Changes to the Au Pair program

Au Pair with child

The au pair program has been replaced by the Youth Mobility scheme. The countries that participate in this new scheme are Japan, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.
Candidates of certain countries previously part of the au pair program scheme (notably Turkey) are no longer eligible to come to the UK and work as au pairs.
Any person from an EU country is able to take up employment in the UK as an au pair as well as in other jobs. In the case of Romanian and Bulgarian nationals, working as an au pair is one of the few legal jobs they are able to do. Read More »

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Au Pairs and advised rates of pay

Key Factors
  • RPI increases
  • Fewer au pairs available
  • National Minimum Wage increased by 59%
  • Fall in value of £ Sterling%

In the last 10 years since it was introduced, the national minimum wage has increased by 59%. It now stands at £5.73 per hour.
Au Pair salaries aren't required to meet the NMW because an au pair is living as a member of the family and receiving other benefits, but of course people who work as au pairs become aware of the pay rates in other jobs.
Another financial impact has been the fall in sterling. Since early 2008 the value of the pound has fallen by 25% against other currencies causing relative salaries to be lower.
As a result the recommendation for au pair's pocket money is now £65 per week for up to 25 hours. Some agencies are stating more than this but we are keeping parity with the majority. Read More »

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