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Family W - Oundle, Northamptonshire

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Location:Oundle, a town in Northamptonshire

Distance to city centre/language school:Peterborough (20 minute bus journey)

Children: boy - 5, girl - 3

Duration:For 1 year or more

Pocket Money: £65 for 25 hours per week

Other Benefits:Allowance provided for car

Smoking:Non-smoker wanted

Description of the host family: Julia is a teacher in Kettering and Henry is a computer programmer and is working in Oundle. They are divorced but have kept their family home - for the children to stay in the house and the parents move in and out on a weekly basis. Each of them spend one week in the house and then the other comes for the following week. They prefer to organise it like this as they think it’s better for the children for them to have continuity. The boy goes to school from 8.45 until 3.15 and the au pair will have to drop him off and to pick him up from school in Glapthorn, in a local village (it is within walking distance but it is a long way – especially in the winter). Mum will take Isabelle to the same nursery school where she is working so the au pair will only have to take care of Daniel. The children currently don’t have extra out of school activities, but they hope to sort something out for Daniel during the weekend.

Expectations of the au-pair+ benefits: They would like to have an au pair who is willing to take and pick up the boy from school (by car), to do some light housework and who will cook something easy for the children if they are not back from work before 5 o’clock. They want someone who is sociable, organizer, caring, friendly and positive attitude. Benefits: A car with a tank of petrol a month will be provided for picking up children and light personal use; Wi-Fi internet access; Laptop if the Au Pair doesn't already have one; TV + Free view; Use of the gym equipment; Reasonable phone use.

Interests and free time: As a family they like socialising and entertaining in their home. They enjoy food and wine. Active swimmers (having their own indoor pool), active gym users (having their own gym) The fanily play tennis and ski at least once a year. The family as a whole enjoy listening to music and go to several concerts throughout the course of the year, along with theatre tripsJulia likes Ceroc dancing and Henry plays a bit of golf. Otherwise, spare time activities are taken up with the children doing stuff with them like trips to the park and other similar activities.

Description of house and au-pair room:The house is a 3 bedroom detatched 1940s house. It has two extensions downstairs which make it much larger downstairs than upstairs. It has a large living room, a sunroom, kitchen, study and dining room. The Au Pairs room will be the dining room which is 4.5m x 4.5. We will remove the dinning table and as much unnecessary furniture as possible but because of space we will have to leave the book cases and the piano where they are. The room will have a single bed, wardrobe, chest of draws, TV + free view and anything else they might need. We have a nice garden with a deck and a drive for cars.

Special attention (Allergy, handicap, social behaviour): None

Pets: None

Duties: Childcare, light housework, washing, shopping (food/groceries), driving, cooking for children (easy meals).

Family Video:

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