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Leopard Films is making a documentary for BBC1 presented by Evan Davies (former BBC economics editor and presenter of Radio 4's Today Programme and Dragons' Den.)

It is an hour-long programme looking at Britain's labour market and the economic impact of the immigrant work force in Britain, and they will be filming in and around the Peterborough area in the last week of May and the first two weeks of June 2009.

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Leopard Films are keen to find a family with children who have a Nanny or Au Pair, to feature in the programme. Filming would be limited to a couple of days only.

They already have involvement from many sectors of the community including businesses which employ immigrant workers, community organisations and residents. So far they've had a very positive response from employers who are keen to get involved as they want to illustrate the importance of migrant labour in sustaining their businesses and the frustration of not having enough reliable local labour.

They are also working together with local government organisations such as the local council, the LEA and the NHS.

If you or someone you know would like to find out more (with no obligation to take part) then they'd be delighted to talk to you. they're casting now so please contact asap...

  • Ben - 0207 288 2170
  • Becky - 0207 704 3334
  • Miles - 0207 704 3313

A selection of previous programmes Leopard Films have produced, and some quotes from the Press:

Leopard Films has an established track record in difficult and sensitive film-making, and we work in a very responsible way with our contributors. The prime example of this is the strong relationship we have built up with the police over a number of series. This demonstrates our experience with working with very difficult legal/compliance issues and a concern for the organisations/individuals we are filming with.

Crash Scene Investigators transmitted on ITV1 in 2008, showcasing the painstaking job carried out by the police after a road accident.

'Watching the Devon and Cornwall police team carefully piece together the vehicles and then their court cases, finding evidence for the CPS and answers for the victims...and for the bereaved leaves you...a little more heartened by, rather than contemptuous of, both television and humanity.' (The Guardian)

'...a painstaking fly-on-the-dashboard real-life observational series that is sobering, saddening and sensitive in its handling of the routine death and dismemberment that occurs on Britain's roads every day.' (The Herald)

Missing and Missing Live are two seminal series produced for BBC1. Missing Live is the first ever nationwide daily appeal for missing people and included filmed appeals, family stories, studio interviews and forensic demonstrations of investigation techniques. This series ran for 4 consecutive weeks in March/April 2009. It involves working closely with police forces across the UK as well as the charity Missing People, and has established Leopard Films at the forefront of specialist public service programming; campaigning national live events which maximise publicity for the positive work carried out by the police and other agencies.

Missing Live Series 1 received the following praise in the House of Commons: 'The BBC 1 programme MISSING LIVE has been praised in a Commons motion published today. It was signed by the Liberal Democrat MP Susan Kramer and the former Conservative Minister Peter Bottomley.

That this House commends the BBC One series, Missing Live, running every weekday from 21st April to 16th May, which follows the work of the police and the charity Missing People; recognises the immense value in bringing wider understanding and exposure to the reasons many people go missing as well as the technology and techniques involved in trying to find them; and encourages the Government, local authorities and hon. and right hon. Members to give publicity to the series and to support the charity Missing People ahead of International Missing Children's Day on 25th May.' 'BBC One and the Daytime team are very proud of the programme's achievements in raising awareness of this issue and reuniting so many missing people with their families.' Letter from Mark Thompson, BBC Director-General

Missing Live was featured in all the national newspapers and has been featured as Pick of the Day in the Daily Mail and The Times.

Lifegivers is a brand new live series for BBC1, which examined the life saving world of organ and blood donation. The series explained the facts, dispelled the myths and raised awareness of the issues surrounding organ and blood donation through a mixture of live studio guests and powerful personal stories from across the UK.

There is more information on their website: www.leopardfilms.com

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